Saturday, 14 February 2015

Updated Postage Costs

Due to recent cuts The Yellow Nib has been forced to introduce postage costs to all sales of the journal. We have kept these as low as possible. We would like to thank all our customers over the past year and hope to retain your readership in the years ahead.

Issue 10 is coming soon!

Monday, 28 July 2014

Issue 9

Yellow Nib Issue 9

Available in No Alibis, Botanic Avenue Belfast, through Blackstaff Press or online here.
Poems by Gary Allen, Niall Campbell, Harry Clifton, Diane Fahey, Alan Gillis, Fred Johnston, Donal Mahoney, Fred Pollack, Bridget Meeds and John Wheway

Ciaran Carson
offers five poems after Francis Ponge
Eva Bourke translates Jan Wagner
Fran Brearton discusses Thomas Hardy and Irish Poetry

Edna Longley on War Poetry
David Wheatley on Apollinaire
Connie Voisine on Olds
Carol Rumens on Adcock and Robertson
Gail McConnell on Laird and Symmons Roberts
Kathleen McCracken on Dawe and Jamison
Dave Coates on Lowe and Pollard
Eamonn Hughes on Murphy
Stephen Sexton on O'Callaghan and Sullivan

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Yellow Nib Issue 8

Available in No Alibis, Botanic Avenue Belfast, through Blackstaff Press or online here.

Poems by Fleur Adcock, Gerard Beirne, Rachael Boast, Stephanie Conn, Oliver Comins, Piotr Florczyk, Miriam Gamble, Mark Granier, Rita Ann Higgins, Caoilinn Hughes, Matt Kirkham, Gary Matthews, SinĂ©ad Morrissey, Tric O'Heare, Christopher Reid, Carol Rumens, Fiona Sampson and Jack Underwood.

Peter McDonald discusses The Learning of Poetry
Tara Christie Kinsey on Paul Muldoon and Warren Zevon

Jean Bleakney reviews Ryan and Collins
Miriam Gamble reviews Tom Paulin
Selina Guinness reviews Hardie and O'Sullivan
Gail McConnell on Cannon and Deane
Alex Wylie on Grennan and Clifton
Carol Rumens on Durcan and O'Driscoll
Fiona Sampson on Peter Redgrove
Connie Voisine on Tess Gallagher

Monday, 21 May 2012

Yellow Nib Issue 7

Available in No Alibis Bookshop, Botanic Avenue, Belfast or online here.

Poems by Fleur Adcock, Gary Allen, Maureen Boyle, Colette Bryce, Kerry Hardie, David Harsent, Seamus Heaney, Andrew Jamison, Michael Longley, Penelope Shuttle and David Wheatley.

John Wilson Foster discusses the poetry of Titanic
John F Deane recalls his work translating Tomas Tranströmer.
Eve Cobain interviews John Montague

Carol Rumens reviews Duffy and Greenlaw
Alex Wylie reviews Mooney and Bleakney
Aingeal Clare reviews Kinsella and O'Brien
Gail McConnell reviews Burnside
Peter McKay reviews Quinn and McAuliffe
Ciaran Carson Reviews Mahon
Fran Brearton reviews Montague.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Launch for the new Nib

Launch for The Yellow Nib No 7 confirmed for No Alilbis bookshop, Botanic Avenue, Belfast on Friday 25th May 6pm. All welcome for wine, readings and copies of the magazine for only £5.99